Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things that crack me up when I ought to be in bed

This is a silly SnorgTee - made me laugh.

Me n the JareBare have also been cracking up at tonight. For instance:

Cobra Yawn: The involuntary spraying of saliva while yawning. Much like the venom spray from a cobra. In most cases the yawner doesn't realized it has happened only finding the aftermath once the yawn is over.
I just cobra yawned all over my keyboard five minutes prior to writing this definition. 


Involuntary "You too":  When out of habit you reply to a comment with "You too". This happens to the best of us.  Two common situations of the Involuntary "You Too"

Girl: Well happy birthday man. Have fun at Sea World tomorrow.

Guy: Thanks, you too.

**uncomfortable silence**


Parent: Drive safe and have fun.

Son: Ok you too.

**uncomfortable silence**


Aisle Salmon:  The act of moving in the opposite direction of everyone else using the aisle. While they can be spotted in any type of aisle, they are frequently seen on airlines during loading and deplaning.
Did you see the 'aisle salmon' trying to work his way back five rows to get a roller bag our of the overhead while everyone was trying to get off the plane? 

:) Sleepy time.

1 comment:

Tyson and Brett said...

I really like "cobra yawn"

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