Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family Pics, 2012

We have so few family photos but through the goodness of some of our dear friends, we now have some current ones!  I am beyond thrilled.  Our friendly photographer says they are not done yet but I had to share because they look great to me.

We wanted to go to Cheekwood for these shots because my previous favorite family shot was also taken there too.  Remember this one right before Oliver was born in 2010? (Taken by Lee Steffen.)

And for the record, I know I look like a lollipop.  I asked for "Emma Stone" red hair thinking that would be easier than describing what I wanted.  Next time, I will go ahead and spell it out.

And here we are in 2012, expecting yet again!  ( And the boys still look tired... :)

Love these!  Thanks so much, Neal and Sarah!

iPhone 4 Stacey

I have finally joined the ranks of iPhone users and while I am pretty excited to have the phone, I admit that I also feel a bit guilty... I worry about what I've been hearing regarding abuses to workers where they are made.  Doesn't it seem that for all our societal progress, we are pathetically lagging in some areas?  :(  That's a topic for another day I suppose.  

Well, since I have the dang thing, I had better protect it.  I've been browsing online for a case for it.  I have learned a few things about myself in the process:
  1. I am really picky.
  2. I am really cheap.  
  3. I like masculine styles way more than feminine ones.
There ya go.  Here are some of me faves.  Let me know if you have any wonderful sources you can share!  

Now here is the one I am trying to like as much as the above options because it seems more practical:

Of course, the one I like the most is also the one with the worst reviews; the Bird's Nest case.  I also love the leather one but come on!  My phone purchase is potentially harming people in China.  Do I have to kill a cow too?  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I forget things

I'm sure plenty of people feel like chronic-forgetters and I am certainly one of them.  I did read something once about how each baby you have kills some amount of your brain cells and also your ability to remember things.  I guess I am doomed.  :)  Alas, I have found a very cool product to help people like me, whether they use the baby excuse or not.

This is called the Montre Watch-It!  A watch-shaped Post-It note pad  that is basically the modern version of the string around the finger, only you can actually write on it!  So genius.

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