Monday, February 28, 2011

The mood of a country via music

Just how do you take the pulse of a country?  Obviously, you analyze the music it is listening to!  I heard about this story and it intrigued me so here it is...

Considering the unrest and political happenings in the world right now, a website that is presumably a branch of has compiled a list of several  country's top downloads and it is very interesting that you can get a bit of a sense of the feel of that country via a song, its feel, and the key it is in.  

For example:  just how is Bahrain feeling at the moment?  What would you guess?  I was thinking maybe Rage Against the Machine or maybe something Wagner-esque.  Actually, its a band called "Fate's Warning."  Check it out here:
Give a little listen if you want.  Its what I call "death metal."  Sounds like fighting music to me!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion by cute Miss A - my Wednesday piano student

This little gal is such a fashionista!  She amazes me with her darling outfits each week and I asked her mom if I could show her off a little.  I hope to post more of her in the future... and maybe you will start to look forward to her adorableness just like I do!
Cute, huh!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

List of fun stuff to do on a snow day - By Zach

On a recent snow day, Zach made a list of fun things to do.  I thought this was very sweet and really a great list of ideas.  Way to go Zachy!!

1. Sled
2. Snowball fight
3. Walk up the driveway on the ice
4. Hot chocolate
5. Play upstairs
6. Draw on Dad's computer (its a tablet pc, don't worry :)
(7. *to be clarified later by Z*  "special car....??)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Warby Parker coolness - Genius glasses/website

Dudes.  Gents.  Listen up.  The monocle is back and its hotter than the pocket watch.
Look at how dapper this man looks!  He could be wearing a sweaty basketball uniform and still look dapper!  That monocle is magical!  {Found at Warby Parker.}

Now I love my Ray-Bans but I am sorta wishing I had found these a few months earlier...
Ahh how I love all things simultaneously classic and funky.  

Did you know that at Warby Parker you can virtually try their glasses on?  SUCH a cool feature.  Check me out:

Hehe I kid, I kid.  But that really is me...

Hmmm maybe I need an extra pair, just in case...

Speaking of monocles and also recently of baby Oliver's "hello, ladies" smile, you may now enjoy my favorite Old Spice man video:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know you were dying to see more pics of our 90's garb.  I aim to please... ;)

Happy Love day!  The JareBare and I had a night out this weekend for the occasion.  Did you know that we were engaged 12 years ago?  Its a little anniversary that we always remember and celebrate.

I did get my love a splitter for the MP3 player but I resisted buying the heart version at the last minute.  I think he appreciated that.

Now I'm off to prepare for three Valentine's Day parties that I will somehow magically attend at the same time!  Wish me luck...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Penelope and Coco

Having not purchased any new shoes for myself in an exorbitantly long time, I am starting to troll the interwebs for some great ones.  Specifically, boots and/or oxfords.  Alas, I have found a place that specializes in both.  VERY great but not affordable at all (for me at least.  You Midas-types go right on ahead.)  But I can dream right??  Behold:

Penelope and Coco

Penelope and Coco: Classic Boot Collection from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

I NEEEEEED these boots:
I. Just. Need. These.
Also very noteworthy:

 Kinda hipster/mermaid, huh!

Sweet.  Slightly punk too though with gold studs and red lining!

Ahhhhh.  OK, back to work.

D*S's Valentine Arrows

Did you see this over at Design Sponge?  A great addition to the Arrow Trend post...
Click on over for the tutorial!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Trend: Arrows

Have you noticed this cute little motif popping up everywhere like I have?  I am definitely a fan of the arrow, especially pre-Valentines.  Its a little beyond hearts and X's and O's...

Have you noticed them anywhere else?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oliver at 9 months

Well hello, ladies...
I laughed sooo hard when I saw this pic of Ollie!  The rest invoked your typical mommy-awwwws.

I could go on and on, but I will spare you.  Unless you are related to me... you folks can look forward to about 10 pics each in the mail.  They really gave me a LOT of prints!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Check out what I won!

I am such a lucky duck!  I just won a giveaway over at Designmom for a gift card to The Vintage Pearl!  I am now gleefully browsing their website... what should I get??

{A few of my favorites...}
I'm serious!  What should I get???
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