Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break

This year was kinda boring for us as far as spring break goes.  I knew that at 36 weeks pregnant I would not be up for doing much entertaining of 3 boys.  Especially with a history of going into labor early!  I wanted to have fun, but keep things close to home.  Here are a few of the things we came up with:

We had lunch with Dad over in the Nissan building one day.  I didn't anticipate what anomaly we would be showing up as a group.  People's reactions to my expecting boy number four is pretty priceless at times. The most common reaction lately seems to be, "Welp, there go your chances for ever having a girl!"  I love the reactions when I am like, noooo I think we still have a chance.  :)

After lunch, I took the boys to see "How To Train Your Dragon."  They all loved it.  The only exception was that Zach was rather disturbed that the main character ended up with a metal leg in the end.  He wouldn't stop talking about it for pretty much the whole week.

We played out at the farm a bit, which they always love.  Then I pretty much ran out of energy and let them play at home for 2 days.  Its nice to have a home with a backyard and a hose.  :)

The highlight of the week for me was a visit to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens with some great friends.  Amazing surroundings, wonderful company and a picnic of huge sub sandwiches and Jared's caramel brownies.... so enjoyable and relaxing!  We checked out their American Impressionist exhibit and also the Faberge egg collection.  I was in heaven!  I was surprised at how much the boys seemed to really enjoy it too.

And yes, the basketball in my shirt has been replaced with a beach ball.

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