Thursday, June 17, 2010

Branding on the Brain & Hi Design House

If you know Jared, you know that he has an entrepreneurial brain and spirit.  I have started to catch the bug as well and lately we have been doing lots of scheming.  Its fun to see how his background in engineering and business and my artsy intuition and creativity come together.  He is left brained, I am right brained.
Its like, together we form a whole brain.  

We have honed in on a particular product that we want to produce and he has left the branding and market approach mostly up to me.  Its great!  Its a whole new world I never knew about but totally love.  I am so loving this particular design company that I happened upon that I just have to share it with you.  What makes me laugh is that I guess my taste is consistent:  I have always loved the brand Roxy for their products but also for their creative and colorful branding.  When I found Hi Design House, I loved them immediately and realized as I looked through their work that they do work for Roxy!  Serendipity :)

So Sunny and fun!  Makes me wanna grab my board and go tear it up in style!

Here lies a whole lotta inspiration for the aforementioned project.  Love the rustic cool vibe.

Delicious eye candy.

These are the colors and this is the feel I want for my interior home decor.  

Great, great work.

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