Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flea Market Find

I can't believe I forgot to post a pic of what I found at the flea market I went to when my lil' sis was here.  I am so glad I didn't die when I saw these because, ya know.  That's possible.

I just happened to have a bunch of bottles of my two favorite carbonated beverages on hand, so you get the full effect of these vintage soda crates.  What are the beverages you ask??  You shall receive.

Izze!  Sparkling fruit juice.  Soooooo good!  Clementine, blackberry and grapefruit.

Boylan Root Beer.  Wow.  Intensely good, especially with Breyers vanilla ice cream.  AND its not sweetened with the high fructose junk.  Its natural cane sugar.  Feel good about it, come on!

I am thirsty now!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

I love them! What a lucky little find!

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