Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gratitude - 11/16

Enumerating all the things I am grateful for could literally take a lifetime, so lets start there.  Life.  I am grateful for my life.  For the chance I have to take a whack at this big pinata that we call home.
{Such a pretty pinata!  Found at http://ruffledblog.com/Images/posts/DIY-wedding-pinata.jpg}
Isn't a pinata a fun metaphor for life?  I like it at least.  You are blind, you swing wildly while hoping for a lucky strike, and when you do make contact, awesome stuff often comes out.  And you leave it mangled... OK maybe not.  :)

Many of the things that I am most grateful for are most likely obvious.  Here are a few things I cherish that are a bit beyond my short list.

The silence in between notes of music.
The choice we have when we look at something to decide if we will find beauty in it.
Hearing your mom's voice when you open your mouth.  For good or bad :) it makes me feel connected.
The sound of my kids squeaking away at their instruments when they are first learning.
That yummy, smoky smell of fall.
Learning.  Realizing what you "knew" was incorrect and feeling your heart and mind bend to the change.
Dreaming in color.
Random memories.  Like a big icicle hanging off a corner eave at my adolescent home.
Toiling through life then taking a pause to look back and realize how guided you have really been.
Protein and the way it makes that hypoglycemic feeling go away.
The turkey sandwiches Jared makes for me when I am in a hurry.  He always tries to make it extra yummy with spices or deli mustard or something. :)
The way Will asks politely EVERY DAY if he can use my shower though I don't think I have ever said no.
Tyson's insanely soft, kissable skin.  I can see myself fighting off young ladies with a stick when they discover it one day.
The way Zach loves the shape of numbers rather than loving numbers for what they are intended to be.
Oliver's smile for every single person and the number of smiles he gets back.  Love.

OK, I'm gonna blow a gasket if I keep thinking this way!  That's enough gratitude for tonight.

Thanks for reading... :)


McKenzie said...

I love the boys, and I'm totally thankful for them. Oh man, they have taught me a ton!

Stephanie said...

How are you? You look beautiful, Im so glad I came across your blog. I added it to my fav's! I miss you! Keep in touch.
"Sam McKee" Stephanie Buckner

Stacey said...

Sweet blog post!

Stacey H said...

SAM! I tried to email you! Check your inbox :)

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