Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pile of Life


I am writing this from underneath a giant pile of faux Christmas tree branches, boxes of ornaments, baby food containers, messy crockpots, unfolded laundry and four sleeping children to report that I am alive and well and that I found a bag of chocolate chips in here, so no need to worry.

I do have my cell phone and I am intermittently placing calls with a very placid and calm voice, reassuring various committee counterparts that things are clipping along and getting accomplished.  I am very aware that my greatest skill may not be to oversee committees but rather my ability to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON in spite of it all.

Highlights of my day:
  • -Witnessing a rather intense 3-boy verbal battle about who "did it."
  • -Reading The Friend magazine to my kids and enjoying a sweet Christmas story, but not before we played a "make up your own caption to this picture" game.  (ie: "Dad, why is there a giant dialogue bubble coming out of your mouth?  Ack, its happening to me too!)   Try it.  Its fun!
  • -Watching baby Oliver beg for more sweet potato puffs by clapping his hands together and chanting, "mo mo mo mo mo mo."
  • -Jared home from work.  Always my fave.

Yeah there were more but its hard typing with one finger from under this here pile.

1 comment:

Nina! said...

Hehe, my house is the same way! A giant pile of decorations, but nothing is decorated... :P

Merry Christmas Sister H!

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