Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Budget friendly Valentine's gift ideas

{Simplesong Design}

Its that time of year when everyone pretends that Valentine's Day is super lame and they care nothing about it but we all know better...  DUDES.  GET SOMETHING FOR YOUR WOMAN.  Small and thoughtful counts, yes, even homemade. (At least in my book.)

And yes, V-Day is pretty cheesy.  Embrace the cheesiness.  Its fun.

This year, my man promised to run the half-marathon with me at my speed which I think is pretty nice and loving of him.  So I thought it would be fun to get this little item for him.  Its a splitter.  You plug it in to your MP3 device and then you can run two sets of headphones from it.  Jared and I will be running side by side to the same tunes this year and to me, that is love.  :) - $14

Next is an old standby that I remember hearing about in my college days.  Behold, the appropriately named "Smitten":
That's right, you can now hold hands with your love in the same mitten!  *awww!*  Make your own here or buy it here. - $10.95

Now, if you still searching for that special someone, maybe you could give others a subtle hint but donning this ring.  I can't imagine something that says "looking for love" any better (and cooler) than this. - $10

And you must check out Simplesong Design, one of my all time favorites on the web.  

{card - $5}

{pencils - $8}

Now if you are able to get a little more fancy (AKA spend more), check out Simplesong for some awesome customizable note card sets.  And make it even better with a custom stamp from Paperwink.  Like this one that I bought...
What are your favorite (budget or not budget) Valentine's gift ideas?



Mia said...

I really don't celebrate V-day. I'm usually too worn out from celebrating my birthday :) First few years F showed up with presents and I was like "dude we don't do Valentines Day". So after years of being the lame wife with no present and no card I owned up and celebrated... that was the year he finally gave up trying to celebrate Valentines day solo. So then he was the lame husband with no present!

I love flowers for V-day or a gift certificate for a massage.

Stacey said...

Ha ha, Stace! You and JB would totally wear the smittens! There is no way in *#@! I would wear them though. In all honesty - I'm one of those that thinks V day is lame. Maybe they should call it Singles Awareness Day? Ok ok, I'll stop. I'm happy for all those out there that do like it, especially you guys. :)

Since I do have a spouse, and I am media pressured into celebrating... I would never deny a foot massage!

Stacey H said...

HAhaha ladies lets just cut to the chase then and call in GIVE ME A MASSAGE DAY. :)

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