Sunday, March 27, 2011

I could have cried - Embarrassing moments

Well, I do NOT like to carry around "most-embarrassing" experiences to remember and feel bad about so this will be an attempt and putting them out there to hopefully let them go.  Silly things happen all the time and they are usually not that hard for me to forget but recently, two different things happened that make me feel pretty sheepish.  Or at least super unlucky and indeed, very embarrassed.

Backstory for experience number one.  I needed some new clothes and I have been trying to balance buying some classic, quality pieces with my tight budget.  In my online shopping, I noticed that boys and kids clothes tend to be a little less expensive than women's clothing.  It occurred to me that I could potentially find a nice shirt or two in a size XL from a boys line of clothing that I could use for now and then maybe pass along to Will when he is big enough.  Sure enough, I found two very nice boys shirts at Crewcuts that I would wear, a denim shirt and a gingham one.

Feeling pretty cute in my new denim shirt the other day, I took Tyson to his cello lesson.  His cello teacher was there to greet us and as I walked up, I saw that he was grinning a pretty huge grin at me.  I didn't think a lot of it until I was nearly done with a conversation with him when I happened to glance down and see my shirt in an awkward pucker.  I quickly realized that this cute shirt was made for boys and not nursing mamas in the buttonal region.  I did a stealthy grab of the purse across my body to hold it closed, finished the convo real fast, and turned and marched out while trying to button up.

That dude never stopped grinning.

At home I of course had to recreate the shirt experience for the mirror to verify the cause of the grin, and sure enough, one button gone awry on this top creates a giant portal into my personal space.  Oy.

Got me some new snaps to sew into the shirt now...

Experience number two.  Jared took a day off this past week to spend some time with the boys on their spring break.  We decided to take them to a local indoor swimming pool.  Gathering all the gear necessary for four kids and two adults to take swimming is pretty ridiculous... so imagine me carrying two or three bags and a baby, Jared corralling the other boys and carrying some loot too.  We got to the bleachers next to the pool and dropped the bags and sat down with the baby in arm.  As I did, I felt my cover-up slip right down.  I guess its really not a big deal because I was wearing a bathing suit but instinct directed me to pull it back up.

Well, have you ever sat on something and then tried to pull it up with one hand?  As I absentmindedly tried the impossible, the fabric of my cover-up slipped out of my hand and I literally punched myself in the jaw, with blinding force at that.

You can imagine how stunned I was, having just had my trash kicked by myself.  I hit myself so hard that the left side jaw muscle instantly cramped and locked and I got a sharp stabbing feeling in my left ear.  I completely panicked and tried in vain to tell Jared what had happened.

And OK, I admit it.  I totally did cry, just like a baby.

Several Ibuprofens later, it was still too painful to chew but I made it through the night and woke up to no pain at all.  Phew.

And now that I told you about it, I feel better.  Thanks.


Stacey said...

Your exper #2 had me laughing, so sorry you were hurt. But you have quite the sucker punch!

I think all women feel your pain with the button shirts especially a nursing mommma. Sometimes its hard to control those girls ;)

Thanks for sharing but you are still super cool in my book!

Mia said...

Your sucker punch totally cracked me up. It's something I would do :) I love that even in boy's shirts, you are still a babe!

kitty said...

I have one of those shirt experiences. It was a missionary who saw it and pointed it out to me. I was 14. I'm not sure which one of us wanted to die more just then, but I still feel a little sick when I think about it. Sorry for your pain :(

Myra Johnson said...

Bless your heart Stacey! You just made my day. There's nothing like sharing a good laugh with someone you adore and admire, and we all realize, hey, this is just the way life goes. Thanks for the smile. : )

Lynette said...

Literally, still laughing about you "kicking your own trash." Hilarious! So glad you shared that story, because I'm sure nobody else saw it happen. Cracked me up!

ChristyLou said...

Loving this post!! I'm so glad that you shared your embarrassing moments...I feel a little less lonely in all the moments I have! You're adorable.

McKenzie said...

One time I was longboarding in a big floofy knee length skirt in a walmart parking lot and i hit a rock and flew off the board. My skirt went over my head and then when i put it back down i had accidentally tucked my skirt into my granny panties but didnt realize it until i got to my friends house and her mom told me. I love you! I always knew you packed a punch!

Renee said...

So glad it's not just me!... I mean the punching yourself in the face part. I could go naked from the waist up and no one would blink an eye. They'd just wonder why that shirtless boy is wrinkling prematurely.

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