Friday, March 18, 2011

Tennessee springtime - 2011

Look at this tree!  Its so pretty... I had never seen one like this until I moved east of the Mississippi.  I do remember seeing something similar but the blossoms were more yellow and green than pink and white.  This particular tree is located at Traveler's Rest, a historic plantation here in the Nashville area that Tyson went on a field trip to.  I was thrilled to get to go too and to snap this pic.

{yes I took this while driving but no I did not take my eyes off the road}
Springtime is everywhere here right now, with "popcorn trees" aplenty.  Even my little tree out front is starting to get some little blossoms.  The kids are probably sick of me going on and on about Tennessee's beauty when I drive them to and fro.  "Look how green it is!  Look at all those daffodils!"  Oh yeah, and the kids don't want me to call them popcorn trees anymore.  "Bradford Pear Trees!!!!"

And though I love the beauty of springtime, I am inside today fighting allergies.

I am having the boys help me with a plan for Spring Break, which will include trips to the farm and trips to my allergist for more shots.
Yesterday was kite day for the Kindergartners.  I handed Zach his kite and he instantly bolted, sending his little kite into the sky.  He ran and ran and ran then he finally stopped and panting said, "Phew!  My kite is tired!"

Zach just had his first ever soccer practice too.  Its so fun to see him learning the game.

Stay tuned for upcoming spring break haps and other randomness via me. ;)


tammy said...

You are making me jealous! I miss spring in Tn!

Stacey said...

So beatiful!! I want to visit so bad!

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