Friday, April 15, 2011

Enjoying other people's creativity

Can I have a job collaborating on projects like these?

This is the Karis Boutique near Hiroshima.  Yes, those are paper tubes and the concept was the inside of a cave.  Cool!

I seriously hope to have a pantry like Emerson's of EmersonMade one day.  (I just typed panty like 8 times in a row.  Wow.)  Actually, I will take her whole house, down to the gun in the corner.

Now, I am dying to know how to access those books up above but I supposed sometimes you might want to display a book too.  In spite of the impracticality, I really loved this room!  What do you think the curtain area is for?

OK these lamps are just amazing.  They don't require batteries or electricity, but are powered by absorbing ambient energy into its photoluminescent pigments to produce that gorgeous glow.  I SO want these instead of your typical stake in the ground solar landscaping lights.  Found at Inhabit.

Nice jorb, creative people.  And here is why I say jorb.

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Renee said...

I love your creativity!

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