Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School = Mama is broke

I am feeling amazed at the moment.  Amazed at the sum of school fees, school supplies, music group fees, not to mention those nebulous sports fees, the ones I always think about springing for but rarely do. Education can be expensive!  Which is why it is unlikely I will ever buy any of the following for my children.  Still fun to look at though :).

Check this out - OOTS! Eco friendly lunchboxes.  Yes, they are BPA free and all that jazz.  Mostly, they are well designed and good lookin'.  I would buy these for the kids and probably use them myself :).

Next back to school item of my dreams is a cultural icon in Japan: the Randoseru backpack, by Hideo Wakmatsu.  I can really see why it has achieved icon status!  Of course, I love it but I would be surprised if my kids would like it.  

I also found this navy color and I just had one kid vote yes.  Too bad!  Too expensive!  ;)
Now these are too cool not to share.  These are actually mechanical pencils, though they look like wood.  Even cooler?  They are different colors.  Loving it-

Maybe I could do the pencils.  

Maybe ;)


Mia said...

I have had my eye on the goodbyn for a while but haven't been able to justify the price to myself yet. I loooooove mechanical pencils! Those are too cute.

Here is the link but I am pretty sure you are the one who showed them to me in the first place...

Stacey said...

You crack me up! All the stuff you find out there... we really need to open up our own store someday. I love the pencils too :)

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