Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few recent photos

Poor me.  I am sick today.  Really I am fine, just honestly happy for the excuse to sit right here and not move except for occasionally getting up to grab a snack.  ;)

Here is a glimpse of a few recent haps...
Love this pic of Ollie "driving" Dad's car.

I was the "mystery reader" in Zach's class.  I'm not sure why, but reading to kids is one of my favorite things ever!  Note how Ollie is licking his blanket.  Pretty sure that is his bliss.

I've been telling people to watch for me and Zach in the commercials we shot recently.  Luckily, someone spotted Zach's and I will get to see it soon but I still am not sure if mine is out.  Look for me in a Sylvan Learning Center spot!  And please let me know if you see it... even better, record it for me!  :)



Mia said...

Ack! You are supposed to call me when you feel like laying in bed all day. I'm going to make you pinkie promise ;)

Grandpa said...

What a beautiful family!!

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