Sunday, September 4, 2011

I shouldn't be surprised

Honestly, its pretty tough at church right now.  Oliver is at that age where sitting still for longer than it takes to drink a bottle is pretty much out of the question.  Jared is busy with many obligations so I end up taking Ollie out a lot and leaving the other boys alone, hoping that my ward family will help if they need something or get out of hand.

Since it was fast and testimony meeting today, I reminded Will (somewhat jokingly) that as a middle schooler, he might be more apt to share his testimony.  To my surprise, he quickly agreed and marched up to the stand.  It was an utter delight and frankly a surprise to hear my boy bear his own testimony in his own words, built upon his own feelings and experiences.  The feeling his sweet and true words evoked were so wonderful and divine.  

Basically, I am just glad that I was able to have that little moment today, because the rest of the three hours was brutal: me chasing Ollie around, shushing him when he screamed and digging through the diaper bag hoping to find any sustenance for a starving pregnant mommy.  

When we got home, I put the baby down for a nap and came down to find the kids looking through the mountain in the corner of my bedroom.  They found their baby books (totally incomplete but stuffed with pictures and mementos) and wanted me to sit with them and tell them stories about themselves.  We laughed so hard as we looked at pictures of them and read stories I had written down in little books so I wouldn't forget.  Will's book was sweet and tender, Tyson's was lively and descriptive and Zach's was pure comedy, which I find so indicative of them as individuals.  

Some highlights from Zach's funny stories you might enjoy:

"You think this is your house, Mom, but its MINE."

After learning that we were having another boy, I asked Zach what he thought he might want to teach his new little brother.  His response? "To be quiet."

I caught Zach about to pick his nose.  He quickly yanked his hand back down and stammered, "I... I... I just thought there was a toy up there!"  

Ew huh :).  Love my boys.  Basically they surprise me daily with their abilities and their sweetness but really, why am I surprised?  They have an awesome dad who is such a good example to them and they are obviously strong spirits saved for this particular time in history.  I really shouldn't be surprised.  


JB said...

Don't forget that they have one rockin momma that has all of those wonderful characteristics rolled into one.

palmtreelover said...

Well congrats to the Haslam family. I think you make a cute prego mom and poo on those who judge how big how many and how! I hope you get the energy you need and give me a shout if you need help...chocolate run...!

McKenzie said...

yeah don't forget the momma! my fav zachy story was when we were visiting, (I told you about this,) and Zach kept declaring that he, "hates the Amish!....I hate the Germans!" because the Amish don't have video games and the German's don't like the Juke!

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