Thursday, November 17, 2011


We are all in shock.  This baby is a GIRL!!!!!!   AAAAAAAHHHHHGHGGGHHGHHHH!

My reaction: "I don't know how to do hair!"

Jared's reaction: "How will we protect her!?"

The boys were all super happy.  I was tickled with how excited they were.

Then last night Tyson had a concern.  "Mom, I feel bad for our baby girl.  I mean come on!  Who has FOUR older brothers!?"  I just told him I can think of several young ladies who do and from what I can tell, they are seriously loved and protected ladies.

I am over the moon, as you can guess.  I know I would have been happy for a boy again but come on!  Now I will get to shop on the pink side, which has heretofore been known as "the Dark Side."

Total joy.  :) :) :)


Sarah Most said...

That little girl has no idea what she's in for!! She will be well loved. We're so excited for you. Let the girly projects begin

Bretty said...

and i'm sooo excite!

677yuyijusd (this is from dahlia. she said she is excited too).

Renee said...

Cute! What a lucky little girl!!!

I remember when Spencer found out I was having a girl, he cried... and they weren't tears of joy. I wish I had a video of that!

Mia said...

Tell Ty that I have 5 brothers and turned out mostly ok ;) I am so SO SOOO excited for you!!!

Lynette said...

HOOOWWWW EXXCCCIITINGGGG!! Your little girl will have to be friends with my new little granddaughter somehow. I'm sure they'll remember each other from heaven, since they're so close together! (I have been totally loving shopping *PINK* after FIVE grandsons!) CONGRATULATIONS!!

Grandpa said...


(Smiley face to the tenth power)

Katelyn said...

I'm so excited for you!! Funny story - I was at a basketball game with a guy Tuesday night when Ben texted me to tell me about the good news. I screamed, "IT'S A GIRL!!" Consequently my friend looked at me strangely and I had to explain the situation, but it was funny! I'm so so happy for you, and I know that the boys will take such good care of her. ♥

Myra Johnson said...

HOLY SMOKES!!!! Stacey!!! This is wonderful!!! Pink is a beautiful thing for a mother to have. (And I can totally imagine her having her daddy wrapped around her little pink finger!) I am so happy for all of you!

Much love,

P.S. Amanda will be sooooo glad to have a pink cousin in the same situation as she is! :)

Family said...

Hair, nails, clothes, shoes, dancing, singing, doll houses, horses, guitar playing, daddy's girl, butterfly and elephant kisses....

I have loved it and so will you! She will have a great example for a mom.


Anonymous said...

Cograts!!!! I have 4 older brothers and I turned out ok. They will need to learn to protect her!
Steph (SAM McKee) Buckner

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