Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Say a little prayer for my washer and dryer

I am super tired today.  I boycotted my morning routine and here it is 8:30 am and I have three little boys who are playing video games instead of starting their school day.  Is it true that missing a night of sleep effects you not so much the next day as the day after that?  If so, that's gotta be what's going on.

Sunday night we all went to bed after a fun evening at Grandma's house.  Will woke me up at 1:15 am and said, "Hey Mom.  Sorry to wake you up so early.  My stomach hurts."  So I pulled him into bed with me and snuggled him.  About 40 seconds later, he was launching his dinner onto a pile of my decorative pillows I had set next to the bed.  In my sleepy stupor, I just let him go.  I didn't think to run him to the bathroom.  I just sat there and watched him puke all over my bedding.  Poor kiddo. :(

Jared helped me get things taken care of and we made Will a little bed next to the toilet for any future episodes.  I started a batch of laundry at 2 am.  I kept the laundry going ALL day, I kid you not!  That washer and dryer had to deal with the puke-fest plus the previous week's laundry from 3 boys who played at the farm several times, plus the normal other stuff.  Literally ran those machines from 2 am until midnight last night.  And its going again now.

Parents of many children will probably laugh at me but this just seems crazy!  And I have not forgotten how demanding on the washer and dryer a newborn can be!  What am I in for!? If I ever go to a baby shower for a mom with more than three kids, she will get a huge container of laundry detergent from me.

Other facts about our family's usage/consumption on a weekly basis:

About 4 gallons of milk
4-5 loaves of bread
1 box of cereal=1 meal

This blows my mind!  They are age 9 and under!  What will our consumption be like when they are ages 18, 16, 14 and 9!?

I think I need to invest in the Kellogg company.  And get better at making bread.  And while we're at it, learn to milk a cow.

SIDENOTE:  Since starting our own little recycling program a few years back, I am proud to say that this family of 5.5 fills less than one trash can each week.  And sorting the recycling has been a great chore for these great little boys.


McKenzie said...

holy crap! trent and i dont even bother to buy milk! 4 gallons is crazy! you is super mom. i can say that cause you were pretty much my mom so i know whats up.

Stacey H said...

awww no making preggo mommies cry. love u kenz

Myra Johnson said...

Well, if your boys are anything like mine, the food consumption seems to increase exponentially... especially when they bring their teenage friends over... which is wonderful, but high on the food consumption. :) Somehow the food budget seems to work out. I think the Lord knows what it takes to feed boys and he makes up the difference!

I think you're doing awesome Stace. You've got what it takes.

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