Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's Cookin' - Kitchen and Belly

Just got home from teaching music at Zach's preschool and was feeling miiiiiiighty hungry.  As with all things I ever do in life, I made this concoction by throwing in what felt right.  I was sure feelin it today because this was dang good!  Here is the recipe, Stacey style.

Pina Colada Smoothie
1 little thingy of peach yogurt
Between 4 and 14 chunks of frozen mango
Less than a can of pineapple chunks and juice
1/2 second pour of milk
Some sweetened coconut, then some more
1 blender lid full of ice

Mix until Zach (any 5 year old will do) screams at you to turn it off.


I realized today I am 32 weeks along and only have 1 snapshot of me and this belly.  So before #4 crashes the party, I let my MacBook take a pic of me.  Here 'tis.

If you have nice things to say, thank you very much.  If you are staring in horror and want to tell me I'm huge, you are hereby added to my list of people to avoid for the next 6 months.  Sadly, that list is very long already.  :(

BTW--Check out that black shelf behind me!  I wanted it for a long time (Pottery Barn) and my hot husband made it for me out of scrap wood left out at the Farm!  THAT is awesome.


Quinn said...

Look how gorgeous you are preggo!! How lucky! And those shelves are fantastic!

Stacey H said...

You just landed your name on my good list! Twice! :) Thanks, Quinn!

Traci said...


Stacey H said...

Thanks, Traci!

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