Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is your mothering style?

Are you a playful and energetic mom?  Are you a heart-to-heart mom?  What about a love-of -learning mom or the executive mom?

As one who has enjoyed reading up on personality types for several years now, this article caught my interest.  Take a read through...I would love to know which of the "types" describes you the best.

The cool thing to me is how many of the traits are similar and compatible.  Basically, I am glad there is not just one type, not one style of mothering that works.  I love getting to know other moms and seeing how they interact with their brood.  I feel like it broadens my own style, which I find personally fulfilling and beneficial to my own brood, as my outlook and abilities change and grow.

Take a read through and tell me your thoughts!  And if you have no idea what those 4 letter acronyms mean, take another 5 minutes and take this online personality test.

I guess I am what they call the "tuned-in mom."(INFP)    I love how they suggest I need large blocks of unstructured time.  Sooooo true.  :)


McKenzie said...

hehe i liked this! mine is kid's r' fun mom! I definitely think that borrowing from other styles is good to keep a good balance too!

Stacey H said...

I thought that fit you well! Love that about you. Nieces and nephews benefit from that too. :)

Myra Johnson said...

Mine is The heart-to-heart mother (ENFJ): )

I LOVE that picture of you with your boys!!! Fantastic!

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