Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chair Makeover

This is kind of old news around here but I thought it would be fun to show some of the process of a chair makeover that my awesome sister McKenzie and I did when she came to Tennessee.

I love me a good hand me down and this here chair was just that.  But alas, over time it became a wee bit unsavory as far as pieces of furniture go, having been sat upon for so many years and even once puked upon.  Thank goodness for a sister who ambitiously tackled the redo with me or it may never have gotten done.  (I did not tell her it had been puked on until after she helped pull off the old fabric.  What are sisters for? :)

{The chair after Kenzie figured out how to remove the back.}

{More disassembly.}

{That is sure a lot of staples.}

OK, about the fabric.  I was wanting to use something I already had, so it was this green stuff or some really old Bob the Builder fabric I never used.  Kenz & I agreed it looked good but slightly boring so we had the idea to butcher a burlap rice bag from Costco and use a piece of it for the back.

{I love the contrast the printed burlap is with the green.  And can you see the stitching detail on the left that we left on?  That's my favorite part.}

When Kenz demoed the chair, she was careful to keep the pieces in tact so I could use them as a pattern. The green fabric was super stiff and I was really nervous about having the corners of the seat pucker so I used 1,000,000 push pins.  

Voila.  Business in front.

Party in the back.

I thought about fixing up or painting the wood but I decided that 1. I am all about the natural look and the character that defects afford and 2.  I was too anxious to be done to bother with it.  ;)

Thanks McKenzie!!


Renee said...


McKenzie said...

hahaha business in front, party in the back!

Stacey said...

Ha ha! Agree w/Kenz! Love the party in the back!

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