Saturday, January 15, 2011

Excuses I Tell Myself

Here are some of the many excuses that go through my head everyday for not wanting to get out and train for the Half-Marathon...

1.  I can feel my baby-belly fat moving when I run.  
2.  Mother once told me that too much running could make your uterus fall out.  
3.  Someone will see my gimpy running gait.  
4.  I just ate and I don't wanna puke.  
5.  I stayed up too late last night watching Netflix movies.  
6.  Its too hard to arrange for the kids to be cared for while I run.    
7.  I used to think I might have asthma.  
8.  If I do run the Half, I will get into shape and then I will no longer have an excuse not to buy the Imogene and Willie jeans I want.  I will have to spend MONEY.
9.  I HATE "fitness" music.  
10. I fear crazy drivers, stray dogs, and magpies.  
11. I always forget sunscreen and my dermatologist told me pasty-whites like me will wrinkle earlier without it.
12. I will wear out my cute new shoes.
13. I am not a runner!  I hate running and I can't run!  I will fall down!  I am a MUSICIAN!

blah blah blah BLAH

Honestly... thanks, Jared, for encouraging me to take a run this morning.  It was supremely refreshing and beautiful outside!  


Renee said...

I hate it too, but I have to do SOMETHING! Remember when I blamed my muffin top on my elastic today????, lies, all lies.

palmtreelover said...

I think you are a brave soul. I say the same thing every morning and pull the covers over my head, knowing that if I went and ran the feeling would be wonderful. I am with you and still am in for the challenge...lets do it!

Family said...

It is the cold for me.

Stacey said...

Running sucks, Stace. That's my excuse.

Myra Johnson said...

OK, so I really don't ever see running in my future. But, I do see getting in shape in my future. My Near Future, I hope. I have been inspired by a friend of mine to look into "Body for Life", or his new book "Transformation" by Bill Phillips. I would highly recommend you watch a little video of one lady who has also super inspired me to begin this program. (I just started on Monday! Here's to will power!) Go to and click on Leslie Groft's video. I really connect with her, and if she did it, I can do it too! BTW, she is a runner!

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