Monday, June 13, 2011

Zach has big feelings

Oh how I love my Zachy.  Jared and I often marvel at him and wonder how it is possible that he is our offspring.  He is the sweetest boy but sometimes  gets pretty intense, to put it as diplomatically as possible.  I love how his love is big, how his anger is big,  how he plays so hard that his hair drips with sweat, and how in the right moment, you can catch him simply in the deepest throws of living without one ounce of care for what anyone else thinks.  He rocks out to music ten times harder than anyone else I know.  He even has a life plan.  Here it is (in as close to his own words as I can recall):

When I am 8 I will be baptized.
When I am 12 I will get the priesthood.
When I am 16 I will date and drive a car.
When I am 19 I will go on a mission.
When I am 21 I will be a rock star.

I have no doubt, my Zachy-boy.  The first video was taken the other day after I apparently enraged him for saying he could not watch a movie.  He started kicking and getting really mad so I decided to give him some options for how to deal with his anger.  He could 1. Go jump on the trampoline, 2. Go scream in a pillow, or 3. Do an angry dance.  He was intrigued by the angry dance idea.  So I got on YouTube and showed him Kevin Bacon's angry dance from Footloose.  He loved it.  He picked a song from my iTunes and here is the result:

This second video is Zach practicing his rock star antics, flanked by his cousin, who has some serious dance moves.

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