Friday, June 17, 2011

Color in Modern Art - Flying Cavaries, Stark and Rower

I have always been a lover of art.  I have a giant file on my computer where I store images I find and while recently looking at a few, I noticed some similarities.  I love these works of art for their colors and their depth.

This is a sort of fireplace/coffee table by Flying Cavalries.  LOVE!

And it really reminds me of the art by Jen Stark (pretty sure I found out about her from Lee Steffen.  Thanks Lee!).  You MUST look through the images on her site.  Her work is nothing short of amazing.  Its mostly just paper or foam, a knife, and a LOT of patience and skill. 

And a similar effect achieved with paint and gravity, by Horton Rower.  
I want to try this!  The process looks fun.


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party bags said...

Before you can make one like this, it will take you a lot of patience and effort. So I salute people who are making artworks like this.

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