Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I need a sewing basket

I have never owned a sewing basket to speak of.  I have kept my sewing things in a little plastic tote but alas, it cannot hold the amount of stuff that I have.  I need something else to help me organize it all.  Here are some ones that I like... which is your vote?  If you have one, do you love it or pine for something else?

The very cute Chicken Basket:

The Vintage Basket:

The Green Trim Basket with dividers inside:

Or how about this vintage one that comes pre-stocked with sewing notions:

This one is big and has retro needlepoint on top:

Or there is the retro plastic one with great organizers:

Choices choices!!


Bretty said...

i like the big one with the feet and the needlepoint. you should get that one. and so should i. =)

McKenzie said...

I like the chicken because it reminds me of Mom's duck but cooler!

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