Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family Pics, 2012

We have so few family photos but through the goodness of some of our dear friends, we now have some current ones!  I am beyond thrilled.  Our friendly photographer says they are not done yet but I had to share because they look great to me.

We wanted to go to Cheekwood for these shots because my previous favorite family shot was also taken there too.  Remember this one right before Oliver was born in 2010? (Taken by Lee Steffen.)

And for the record, I know I look like a lollipop.  I asked for "Emma Stone" red hair thinking that would be easier than describing what I wanted.  Next time, I will go ahead and spell it out.

And here we are in 2012, expecting yet again!  ( And the boys still look tired... :)

Love these!  Thanks so much, Neal and Sarah!


McKenzie said...

i like your hair!! i dont think very many people can pull it off but you can! the boys are getting so big and lil' ty doesnt look so much like lil' ty anymore!

Grandpa said...

What a beautiful family! Love Ollie's little dance step.

Kathy D said...

You and your family are beautiful as always. love you guys so much!!!

Mia said...

Such a beautiful family! Love how the pictures turned out.

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