Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iPhone 4 Stacey

I have finally joined the ranks of iPhone users and while I am pretty excited to have the phone, I admit that I also feel a bit guilty... I worry about what I've been hearing regarding abuses to workers where they are made.  Doesn't it seem that for all our societal progress, we are pathetically lagging in some areas?  :(  That's a topic for another day I suppose.  

Well, since I have the dang thing, I had better protect it.  I've been browsing online for a case for it.  I have learned a few things about myself in the process:
  1. I am really picky.
  2. I am really cheap.  
  3. I like masculine styles way more than feminine ones.
There ya go.  Here are some of me faves.  Let me know if you have any wonderful sources you can share!  

Now here is the one I am trying to like as much as the above options because it seems more practical:

Of course, the one I like the most is also the one with the worst reviews; the Bird's Nest case.  I also love the leather one but come on!  My phone purchase is potentially harming people in China.  Do I have to kill a cow too?  

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I like the Bird's Nest one! But here is a link to the case that Trent has:

He got his at Best Buy and loves it. It was pretty cheap and he loves that the sides are rubber so it stays on easily but also has the hard back.

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