Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Glasses to Covet -or- Jared Is Going to Get Kissed

Do you know that feeling of finding something that you MUST but shouldn't buy and you think it might be expensive and you really don't need it but you NEED it and it makes your neck tingly and your throat tight?  Well.  I have that right now:
They are the same glasses the cute gal over at Rockstar Diaries wears.  I have absolutely no qualms about copying someone that adorable (and hopefully she would have none about being copied!)

These are from Claire Goldsmith in the Irwin style, Toyko Tortoise color.

Jare says he wants my current frames for his own so this may just work out, depending on how much those bad boys cost.  And I think he would look utterly kissable in my glasses, just so ya know.  ;) ;)


Renee said...

I have to get glasses soon and will need your help picking out a pair absolutely!

Stacey said...

Mama likey! And JB wouldn't look too shabby in your frames...you guys always share glasses. :)

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